The Vintage Nursery: Vintage Baby Room Ideas

Congratulations to my friends Ben and Stacey on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Gwyneth! Stacey has an antique store in Kensington, Maryland called "Flotsam and Jetsam" and a blog: where she shares photos of her fabulous finds and ideas. 

To celebrate the birth of Baby Gwyneth, I thought it would be fun to share some vintage nursery ideas. As you can see from the video,  found creative, thrifty ways to decorate the vintage nursery on a budget. Thank you to  for sharing your vintage nursery on YouTube! 


In her video, she has vintage game boards as wall art, which is an idea I love too! Over the years as an antique dealer, I've come across many incomplete games that collectors don't want to buy because they are missing pieces. If you are looking for vintage game boards as wall art, look for crushed game boxes at antique stores, thrift stores and flea markets because they will most likely be priced low because the box is damaged and it is likely missing pieces. 99% of the time, the box will still have it's game board inside, regardless of how many pieces are missing. 

In addition to game boards, I also think vintage record sleeves and record album covers make great wall art. Small children's records have darling record sleeves. You could frame them or make a precious wall banner out of them. If the record inside is damaged, you'll likely be able to get the record at a low price. 

Vintage children's books are FILLED with fantastic art for the baby's room. Often children's books have scribbles and torn pages, but that's okay because that means you'll get a great deal buying it since it won't be priced for the collectors who love mint condition. Just cut out your favorite pages and frame.

You can mix old and new, as you can see from  video. In fact, you will NEED to mix old and new. A baby's room can't consist of entirely vintage items because the safety standards of the past don't meet today's safety standards.  An old high chair or crib, for example, could be dangerous because you have no idea if it has been recalled or how safe it is after all these years. Safety is always the priority in a baby's room. No matter how cute an item is, if it's not safe for a baby, it doesn't belong in a baby's room. It's a pity because there are so many cute cribs from the 40's and 50's that have beautiful vintage decals on them, but those cribs just aren't safe. A safe, new crib that goes well with vintage decor is the way to go. 


As you can see from her video, you can find vintage style paper at craft stores, which you can use to decorate. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt! That's what makes vintage so much fun!