Vintage 1930's - 1950's Marx Trains Aren't Just For Christmas! These Vintage Trains Are Great For Easter Too!

A Christmas tree with a vintage toy train circling the skirt of the tree is such a jolly site. But, vintage train sets don't have to be put away after Christmas. They can be displayed year round with scenery that changes over the holidays and seasons. 

Plus, you can have so much fun with the trains! Check out what JohnP of Toronto created with his 1930's, 40's, and 50's trains. This is called "Marx Trains: The Easter Bunny's Surprise". Doesn't it make you feel like a kid again watching this? Even though I'm a grown woman, I felt like Ralphie from the movie "A Christmas Story" as I watched this. The scenes of trains passing each other especially brought out the Raphie in me.  I wanted to reach out and play with these trains, and dump piles of candy off. Not only do these look fun, but they're safer than a BB gun too. You won't shoot your eye out!

Thank you to   for creating this fun and fantastic short film and for posting it to YouTube for everyone to enjoy! Didn't he do an excellent job? Beautiful! I love the music choice, and I also love that he kept the sound of the trains along with the music because the sound of vintage toy trains is just as nostalgic. The only thing we don't get to experience in the video is the SMELL of vintage trains, which is also classic. :-)

For more information on vintage trains or any items used in the video, click on his YouTube User ID: 

If you love Marx Trains, you can visit the Marx Train Community:


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