Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse

Tomorrow, August 4th, is Tony Bennett's 85th birthday. Tony Bennett was born in Queens, New York in 1926. Amy Winehouse was born 57 years later in 1983 in London, England. Although they had 57 years between them, their music has a timeless quality to it. Tony Bennett has stuck with the kind of classic music he was born to make, and Amy Winehouse connected with music that was made before her time, while giving it her own modern flair. Just earlier this summer they sang a duet together for an album of duets Tony Bennett will be releasing this September. That's how awesome music is - it can connect two people who are nearly 60 years apart. In fact, music can connect entire generations. 

Sadly, Amy Winehouse passed away before the album would be released. But, perhaps her younger fans will buy Tony Bennett's album to hear the duet which will give a new generation the opportunity to hear the classics. I hesitated to discuss Amy Winehouse just after her death because I didn't want to open the door to more hateful, judgemental comments about a young woman who had a serious problem with drug addiction. 

Tony Bennett had more in common with Amy Winehouse than music. He struggled with drug addiction too. I don't know how, but he overcame it. I wish that we could change our additude towards those suffering with an addiction from an attitude of judgement to an attitude of compassion. What a difference that would make. Maybe then we would have more people who struggle with addiction overcome it and live to be 85 years young like Tony Bennett.

Tony Bennett really is 85 years YOUNG. In the video he describes his attitude about being 85. He has no desire to retire. He has too much passion for his music and for painting. He has too much to learn. He has learned that as an artist, you are never finished learning. There is always another level to reach. I think that can be true of anything we are passionate about. Why give up our passions at any age? In fact, I believe we can continue to discover our passions at any age. As long as we continue to try new things, we have the opportunity to discover new passions. 

Happy Birthday, Tony Bennett! Thank you for making 85 seem like the new 35!! 




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