RETROPOLIS VINTAGE FASHION WEEK: 1959 Barbie Doll Make-Up and Hair

Retropolis Vintage Fashion Week continues! Today is Barbie's birthday. The Barbie doll was introduced to the public March 9, 1959. For more than fifty years, little girls have been growing up with Barbie dolls. 

Barbie's wardrobe has changed over the years with the current trends. Just as much as current fashion trends influence the clothing that is made for Barbie, Barbie has influenced girls in their own fashion sense too. Many girls want perfect silky hair like Barbie or a ponytail like Barbie, pink lipstick and nails like Barbie, gold sparkly dresses like Barbie, a collection of high heels like Barbie, etc. 

Over the years as an antique dealer I've come across some fantastic Barbie fashions that were made before my childhood. The Barbie Mod era of the late 60's through to the early 70's is so chic! Barbie in long white go-go boots... you go, girl!

I found this video on YouTube by   in which she shows how to recreate the 1959 Barbie make-up look for your own face, plus the perfect 1959 Barbie bangs. She did an excellent job, didn't she! She looks like a doll herself! Whether you want to look like 1959 Barbie or a 50's or early 60's pin-up girl, this is the look to go for, and you can make any changes you want. Thank you to   for posting this great "How to Do Barbie Make-Up and Hair" video on YouTube! And a late Happy Birthday wish to her mom, Coco!