Retropolis Tour of America: Historic Downtown Tucson, Arizona

The next stop on our Retropolis Tour of America is a visit to historic downtown Tucson, Arizona. 

Those who love old theatres or art deco will enjoy the Fox Theater, which originally opened in 1930. This beautifully restored theater is proof that a building that has been vacant for 25 years can still have hope for restoration.  The Rialto Theater, which opened in 1920, is also downtown.

In 1922 El Charro Cafe opened in downtown Tucson. It is the oldest restaurant in Tucson, and one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in the United States.

For more historic places in Tucson, just type "Tucson" into the Retropolis search bar. Or, you can click on TRAVEL and search by zip code. 

Thank you to  for posting a video on YouTube that's chock full of information about historic downtown Tucson.