Retropolis Tour of America: HAWAII - How to Dance the Hula

There's still plenty of summer left! It's not too late to learn how to hula dance and try out your dance moves at the next Hawaiian party. 

The fact that people around the United States have parties with a "Hawaiian theme" is proof that Hawaii is an awesome state. If you go to a party store you won't find decorations that celebrate any other state. Only Hawaii. Hawaii's got it going on! 

When I was a little girl living in Florida, our local mall had a Hawaiin themed STORE. A whole Hawaiin STORE! Every time I'd walk by that store, I'd admire all the Hula skirts on the mannequins in the store window. I wanted one of the raffia hula skirts so badly. One day my mom did let me get a raffia hula skirt and I was SO EXCITED! Every time I wore that skirt, it would instantly make me believe I was a Hawaiian girl in Hawaii. I even loved the scent of the raffia of that skirt. To me it was such an unusual imported scent. I used to wonder if that's what Hawaii smelled like. 

Although I never learned how to properly dance the hula, I sure loved to think I knew how to hula dance. I would sway side to side and move my arms, but I also loved to twirl and twirl to see my skirt fly. Thanks to that hula skirt, I got to (pretend to) live in a tropical paradise.

I think it's time to actually learn how to hula dance. Thanks to  for posting the "How to Hula Dance" video on YouTube! It's never to late to pretend we're in Hawaii. It's never too late to actually GO to Hawaii either. If you get the chance to go, search Retropolis to find all the places in Hawaii that will take you back in time. Just click on TRAVEL and search by zip code. Or, if you can't get to Hawaii, but still want to experience a taste of Hawaii, just go to the search bar above and search the words "Tiki" or "Hawaiian" and you will find places throughout the United States that are Hawaiian themed. 

Mele kalikimaka! (I know, it's not Christmas, but I just LOVE the way those words sound!)