Retropolis Tour of America: Drive-in Movie Theaters in COLORADO

Summer only began a month ago, so there is still plenty of time to go to the drive-in! If you're in Colorado, you have the opportunity to visit SEVEN drive-in movie theatres. Of course, that's to the best of my knowledge since too many drive-in theatres in America still continue to close. Hopefully the drive-in theatres that I am aware of in Colorado are still open, and hopefully even MORE drive-in movie theatres will open in Colorado and throughout America! The drive-in is an American classic!

I discovered a drive-in movie theatre in Colorado that has something unique that I haven't found at any other drive-in movie theatres in America. Star Drive-In Movie Theater in Monte Vista, Colorado has a motel located right next to it, called the Best Western Movie Manor. Most rooms in the motel face the drive-in. You can watch the movies at the drive-in from the comfort of your motel room, complete with sound! How cool is THAT! Movies are shown from mid-May to mid-September. You will have a view of the San Juan Mountains and Sangre de Cristo Mountains, so even if you're there when movies aren't being shown, you'll still have beauty all around you. More info on the Star Drive-In:

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Thank you to    for posting the video of the drive-in on YouTube so others can get an idea of how cool it is too!