Retropolis Tour of America: Chicago, Illinois - Christmas at Marshall Field's

Unfortunately, I never got to experience a Marshall Field's Christmas in Chicago. I did go to the Marshall Field's Dallas store at The Galleria when I used to live there, but it was more of your typical beautiful department store. Beautiful was great, of course, but it wasn't spectacular like the Marshall Field's store on State Street in Chicago. The Chicago Marshall Field's was the ultimate department store shopping experience, especially at Christmas time. I can say this even though I never even got to go. The photos I've seen over the years of Marshall Field's have given me a clear understanding that I really missed out. This was a department store with attention to every detail, including the Tiffany favrile glass ceilings. 

Five years ago, Marshall Field's became Macy's. Thank you to   for creating a wonderful, enchanting video for YouTube that gives those of us who never got to experience Marshall Field's at Christmas the feeling that we can still walk through that store... in a video dream.