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Not every state in America still has a drive-in movie theatre, but Maryland still has one. And as far as I know, It has just one. But, that one drive-in is pretty special because it has the largest movie theater screen in the United States. If you love a big screen, and you miss seeing a movie under the stars, Bengies Drive-In is the place to go.

Bengies Drive-in Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland opened on June 6, 1956. That's more than 55 years of movies under the stars. They usually show triple features on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want the original, old-time drive-in movie theater experience, you'll get it here because they even show vintage trailers and intermission clips. They don't have the pole speakers, but you can listen to the movies on your FM or AM car speakers. Do you remember the sound of walking past cars at the drive-in and hearing everyone's speakers around you? So great!

Bengies Drive-In Theater is showing movies already. No need to wait until summer! Check out their website for more information:

If you don't live in Maryland and you won't have the chance to get there soon, you can search Retropolis by zip code to find the closest drive-in movie theatre near you. Just click on TRAVEL. 

Thank you to  for posting a video of Bengies Drive-in marquee in 2010 on YouTube!


Bengies Address:

3417 Eastern Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21220-2147


Showtimes, Directions, Rules & Outside Food Policy:

(410) 687-5627
(410) 391-1956


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