Retropolis Retro Tour of America: "The Big Tooter" Steam Whistle at The University of Kansas

Here's a sound we don't hear often throughout America these days - the steam whistle. But, students at The University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas have been hearing it every day, every hour, for 100 years. This March marks 100 years since the campus power plant steam whistle began blowing every hour to let students and professors know it was time for class to end. 

The "Big Tooter" began tooting daily March 25, 1912. For more information about the history of this loud steam whistle at The University of Kansas, read this:

Happy 100th Birthday, You Big Tooter, You!!! 


Thank you to   for posting this video of the steam whistle on YouTube! As a child of the 80's, it reminded me of the intro to the Billy Joel song "Allentown".