Remembering Analog TV - When you could pick up TV stations far, far away - even Idaho Falls TV stations in Illinois!

Our next stop on our Retro Tour of America is Idaho. We're going back in time to Idaho in the 1980's. Do you remember the days when you could flip through the stations late at night and discover that your TV was picking up TV stations in other cities far from where you lived? I almost forgot all about that, until I discovered this YouTube video in which a TV station was picked up over 1,000 miles away. A TV station in Idaho Falls, Idaho was picked up in Monee, Illinois! I can imagine I would have been very excited if I had discovered this on my own TV (which would have been especially unusual, since I have never been to either of those places). 

The world seemed much further apart back then. The idea of picking up a TV station from a city 60 miles away was exciting, so I can imagine picking up a TV station from a city over 1,000 miles away would have felt very mysterious to me. I would have imagined people in that far away city looking somehow different than the people where I lived, and I would have seen commercials for their different stores and local restaurants, and I would have wondered what life was like for these far, far away people. 

These days, that sort of late night mystery is gone. We can look up any city on Google or YouTube and find out whatever we need to find about the people there. The differences we find in each city and town are smaller these days, such as what kind of fast food restaurant is inside the local Walmart, or how the decor differs in the local Applebee's. 

We can now visit pretty much any local TV station on the internet, which also kind of sucks the mystery out of being able to barely view a far away TV station late at night. Don't get me wrong... I'm glad to be connected to the world. But, I do kind of miss that mystery. 

Thank you to  for sharing your TV-DX E-skip video with the people of YouTube!  I was able to pick it up over here on the east coast, over 1,000 miles away from where it was recorded in Illinois, and more than 20 years later, thanks to YouTube. ;-)