Peaceful Japan - Soba Noodle Restaurant in Old Japanese Farm House

There have been so many scenes on TV the last few days of the destruction of Japan after the earthquake that I thought it would be nice to take a moment to remember what Japan is like when it is peaceful. 

This is beautiful Japan. As soon as I started to watch the video, I could almost feel the fresh air. This is what we hope and pray for Japan right now -  fresh, clean air. 

I can imagine that anyone that eats at the restaurant in this video must feel such a sense of tranquility while they dine, and they must feel very refreshed long after they leave. The old farm house is located in the moutains surrounding the Japan Southern Alps. 

Thank you to  for posting this video on YouTube to give others the opportunity to experience this peaceful, dreamy place. In the description he wrote that the soba noodles are made fresh daily, and they grown their own wasabi root (which you can see them grating at the table). Not only is the air fresh at the restaurant, but the food is fresh too! For more information on soba noodles:



Sending peaceful thoughts and prayers to Japan.


This is such a huge disaster,

This is such a huge disaster, I think most of us are holding our breath, and feeling so sorry for the people of Japan. Not only one of the biggest earthquakes ever seen in the World, but a hugely destructive Tsunami to cope with too. I have seen the report on the TV that Japanese nuclear reactors are causing concern, and one in particular will need the release of radioactive vapour into the atmosphere to avoid another disaster.
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