Peace: Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

Fifty years ago, a princess was born. Many little girls read storybooks about princesses, but few get to experience what it is like to be a REAL princess. Princess Diana got to experience it. And she was a REAL princess, in every sense of the word. Instead of using her title of "princess" as an opportunity to boss people around and enjoy getting served by others, she used her title of "princess" as an opportunity to serve others. 

Thank you to Princess Diana for redefining what it can mean to be a princess. I hope little girls today grow up to learn about the beautiful princess who wanted to spread peace and love around the world. During a time when there were many people who would show hate for people with AIDS, there was a beautiful princess who wanted to comfort people with AIDS and show them they were loved. Princess Diana understood that we are all equal.

The video shows Princess Diana in 1997 meeting up with another peaceful person - Mother Teresa. What a special, peaceful pair. Can you imagine if every person tried to help people as much as they did? 

Sadly, they both died just a couple months after this meeting. In fact, Mother Teresa died just five days after Princess Diana died. I remember that week after Labor Day in 1997 was such a sad and dark week.

I believe both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana would want us all to focus on hope for the future though. Girls that were born that year are young teenagers now and will soon become young women. We've already seen too many young women (and women of all ages) who think it's "cute" to call themselves a "spoiled princess".  How did that happen? When we think about a spoiled piece of fruit or spoiled piece of meat, is it ever cute? It smells repulsive and looks disgusting. Nobody wants to be near it. Spoiled isn't cute. But, peaceful is beautiful. Let's make sure the future has more peaceful princesses, like Princess Diana. 

Wishing a peaceful, beautiful birthday to Princess Diana. 


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