Nearly 75 Years Ago: The East Coast Hurricane of 1938

Do these scenes look familiar? Even if you don't live on the east coast, you've seen non-stop footage of the hurricane of 2011 on the news since last week. I'm going to go ahead and call it THE hurricane of 2011 since I'm hoping Hurricane Irene will be the only one. Of course, it's only August and hurricane season just began. But, let's just hope hurricane season came in like a lion and will go out like a lamb. Fingers crossed!

Seventy-five years ago, they didn't have the technology that we have today, so people didn't have more than a week in advance to prepare for a possible hurricane. Today we still don't know precisely where a hurricane will hit, but as the days get closer, we do know if we need to evacuate. I thought it was interesting that the narrator at the end of the video made a prediction about hurricanes of the future. Many states did get a lot of damage because of Hurricane Irene this weekend, however, the devastation would have been much worse without modern technology giving us the chance to prepare. 

On a lighter note, one of the biggest things I noticed about a hurricane in the 1930's vs. a hurricane of today is that they didn't have any news reporters standing on the beaches in their corporate logo rain slickers reporting about how dangerous the hurricane is around them. 




Thank you to   for posting the 1938 hurricane video on YouTube.