Hugh Hefner - When He Was Younger

Who's the birthday boy today?

Hugh Hefner!

Hugh Hefner turns 85 today. 

So, maybe he's not a birthday BOY. He's a birthday MAN. Eighty years ago Hugh was just a five year old boy. Eighty years may seem like a long time, but on the other hand, life flies by very fast. On the great timeline of the world, eighty-five years is a tiny dot. A crumb.

When comedians bring up Hugh Hefner these days, they often joke about his age. I'm not really a fan of age jokes. They're cheap and easy. Actually, those are the words people used to say to describe women in Hugh Hefner's magazine, "Playboy". But, those were just stereotypes too.

Hugh Hefner has broken many age stereotypes. So, why should age jokes even apply to him? For people like him, age is just a number. 

I found this video on YouTube of Hugh Hefner when he was in his late 30's. He was a guest on the TV show "What's My Line?" I believe this episode was from the mid 1960's (probably 1965). As you can see, people had to put on a blindfold and guess who he was, based on the questions they asked him. 

Aside from the fact that he is older now, I don't know how much of him has changed since he was in his 30's. He was already someone who stepped outside of social boundaries when he created the magazine "Playboy", so it's not surprising that he's not the typical 85 year old (whatever that may be). He seems more confident today, if anything. From what I have seen of his TV show "The Girls Next Door" it seems he might even be having more fun today than he did in his 30's.

Age, in many ways, is a decision. I have heard various people over the years make comments about not wanting to live to be too old because they'd be bored to death. They're just thinking about the stereotype of the old person sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch all day. If a person still has the physical and mental abilities to go out and do things, who says they have to sit around bored all day? That's hogwash. 

We're never too old to be young. 



Thank you to  for posting the What's My Line video on YouTube. 

Happy Birthday, Hugh Hefner, you young 85 year old, you!