Horror Movies of the 70's and 80's : Prom Night - the 1980 version

It's Halloween! Time to pull out the VCR and get out those heavy video tapes of your favorite horror films. When I was a kid and we used to rent videos, I was always either renting something sweet and cute, like "Mary Poppins" or something disgusting and terrifying, like "Prom Night". I have no idea why a little girl who loved Barbie dolls and fluffy stuffed animals would also love to scare the heck out of herself, but I did. I watched "Prom Night" several times over the years, and it scared me every time. Playing innocent games like "Hide and Seek" always had extra fear to them after watching this movie. 

I guess one benefit to watching the movie "Prom Night" as a child is that I didn't grow up thinking of prom as quite the glamorous event that other people made it out to be. I went to prom, but I didn't view it as a night that was supposed to be THE night of my life. After all, you never know when "the killers are coming". Yikes!

If you haven't watched "Prom Night" yet, treat yourself for Halloween. But, don't trick yourself and go for the recent version. Go for the original "Prom Night" from 1980. Actually, I know nothing about the remake, but I can tell you that if you appreciate late 70's / early 80's music and dance moves, you certainly won't get that in the remake. If you really want to go the vintage route, treat yourself to a TV dinner too. Or, maybe you and your friends can pop some Jiffy Pop. Just make sure everyone is home by midnight though. According to "Prom Night", if you're not home by midnight, you won't be coming home!


Than you to  for posting the Prom Night trainler on YouTube!