Happy 75th Birthday, Mary Tyler Moore!! Hope she has a HOT birthday tomorrow!

From HOTpoint to HOT in Cleveland, Mary Tyler Moore is as Hot as ever! Mary Tyler Moore began her acting career when she was a teenager as the dancing elf "Happy Hotpoint" who advertised the Hotpoint brand. That was in the 1950's. Just earlier this year she was on the show "Hot in Cleveland". For more than 50 years, Mary Tyler Moore has been entertaining us. In the 50's, she was best known as Happy Hotpoint. In the 60's, she was best known for The Dick Van Dyke Show. In the 70's, she was best known for The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In the 80's, she was best known for the movie Ordinary People, when she became a Golden Globe winner for best actress. Her acting career goes on and on, but she is also known for her important role in life as an activist for animal rights, and for raising awareness about juvenile diabetes. 

Mary Tyler Moore has always been very loved. I'm happy to share my first name with her, and I'm thankful to her for being one of many women of her generation who have redefined what it means to be 75. She seems like the same young Mary Tyle Moore I remember when I was a little girl. Seventy-five IS young, thanks to women like Mary Tyler Moore. Happy Birthday to forever young Mary Tyler Moore!


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