Happy 70th Birthday to Mouseketeer and Lawrence Welk Show Performer Bobby Burgess!

Kids and teenagers today may not realize that before "Dancing with the Stars", there was "The Lawrence Welk Show." And before the "Lawrence Welk Show" there was... "The Mickey Mouse Club"!

Okay, so maybe "The Mickey Mouse Club" and "The Lawrence Welk Show" weren't targeting the same age group, but both shows entertained people with music and dancing. Bobby Burgess entertained people on BOTH shows. He began his TV career on "The Mickey Mouse Club" at the beginning of his teen years. Perhaps he should begin his seventies by starring on "Dancing with the Stars". Kirstie Alley has shown everyone that 60 is the new 20. Maybe Bobby can show us that 70 is the new 30. Bring it on! 

I found this video on YouTube of Bobby Burgess in 1961, when he was 20 years old, dancing to Calcutta with Barbara Boylan. That was his first time ever on "The Lawrence Welk Show". I love that a television dance performance from 50 years ago is just as entertaining as a dance performance today on "Dancing with the Stars." A perfect 10! 

Happy Birthday, Bobby! 


Thank you to   for posting this beautiful dance on YouTube!