Happy 100th Birthday, IBM! Cheers to staying modern with age!

People often refer to the generations who are older than them as "old fashioned". There is a stereotype of old people who get stuck in their old habits and old ideas, who are unwilling to change and grow with age. Actually, there are plenty of younger adults who are just as stubborn about their ways, who are unwilling to change their thinking and grow. However, people tend to think of younger people as stubborn, rather than "old fashioned". Once they get older, they'll be called "old fashioned".

Just as there are some people who have no desire to change and grow, there are some companies who do the same. Clearly IBM isn't one of those companies. Where would IBM be if they were unwilling to make changes with the times? There would no longer be an IBM. Cheers to IBM for 100 years of staying young and modern!

Thank you to IBM for posting this video!