Elizabeth Taylor in "Father of the Bride"

I've never seen the original "Father of the Bride" movie, but I must see it. It's long overdue. I'm one of those people who saw the "new version" before the "old version". The new version is actually twenty years old already. Released in 1991, it starred Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. The original version, as shown in the trailer, starred the lovely Elizabeth Taylor, who sadly passed away this week. 

After seeing the trailer, I think Elizabeth Taylor looked like the perfect, classic 1950's bride. She's exactly what I think of when I think of brides of the 1950's. These days, many wedding gowns look similar to a gown you can see at any formal event. Although they're beautiful, I still prefer a wedding gown that looks like a wedding gown. It's the one day of a woman's life that she can wear a gown that looks like a wedding gown. 

Thank you to  for posting the "Father of the Bride" trailer on YouTube. 

And Happy Birthday... to my father! :-) I love you, dad!!