Drive-In Theatres Are Going Bye-Bye

While the new movie theatres that show a gazillion movies at once do have lots of movie options to choose from and plush stadium seating, nothing beats seeing a movie right under the stars. Unfortunately, drive-in theatres lost popularity as more indoor movie theatres with multiple screens were built. Most of them have been torn down or are waiting to be sold... to eventually be torn down to put a super mega store in their place. Now it's time to go back to the drive-in... before it's too late.


If you are too young to remember drive-ins (most likely there was once one or more near your city or town if you live in the US), you can see a fun scene of a drive-in movie theatre in the movie "Grease".


I remember as a kid in Akron, Ohio playing in the drive-in playground before the movie started. I remember falling asleep in my pajamas in the back seat during movies. I remember the sound of the outdoor speakers echoing throughout. To me it was EXCITING. I don't remember indoor movie theatres ever being quite as exciting as that. When my family moved out of state, we no longer had a drive-in near us. I never got to go to a drive-in movie as a teenager and didn't get to visit one again until my twenties when I moved to New York. As we drove up, I was surprised at how cheap it was compared to going to a movie at night in an indoor theatre AND we got to see TWO movies for that low price. The snack bar was WAY cheaper than a snack bar in an indoor theatre. Not only did seeing a movie under the stars make me feel like I had gone back in time, but the prices seemed like a thing of the past too. You get a whole lot of fun for a fair price.


You still have a chance to keep drive-in theatres alive by visiting the ones that are left in the United States. Check out this website to see if there are any near you.


Also, next time you're planning a trip, check the website again to see if there are any drive-ins near your destination or on the way there (if traveling by car). There are also drive-ins in Canada and Australia too! The website also has interesting drive-in history and photos. If you haven't visited one in a while, you won't want to stop going once you start again. Let's keep our movie history alive and support drive-in theatres! All you need to do is go and have fun!


P.S. The drive-in I went to as a child is gone.


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