Celebrate the Mardi Gras Children's Masquerade in 1941!

This blog entry was written last year, but I'm bumping it to the top since today is Mardi Gras: 

Little girls in 1941 were as obsessed with "Gone With the Wind" back then as little girls are today with Hannah Montana. "Gone With the Wind" had only advance ticket showings throughout 1940 and went into genereal release in 1941, so it was THE film back then (Feb 1941). Little southern belles were everywhere at Mardi Gras seventy years ago.

In the video, the two adult babies look more like today's version of Mardi Gras, as the shirtless men stand on either side of a conservative looking woman while others in 1940's modest fashion stroll by.

Cowboys and cowgirls (both adult and children) were also very popular costumes back then. Clowns too! The Baby Uncle Sam looked adorable. He must be 70 years old today. I wonder if he knows he is on youtube as Baby Uncle Sam.

Does anyone know what the darling girl is waving at :32 ? It looks like a tail.

Thank you to UnknownWW2InColor for posting this 40's gem of Mardi Gras on YouTube.