That beautiful voice, that beautiful nurse - Julie London

Happy birthday to actress and singer Julie London! She would have been 85 today. Hard to believe! I was a little when I first saw her on the TV show "Emergency!". I grew up watching that show in syndication, so I will always think of Julie London as a beautiful, young nurse. She was in her 40's and 50's when she played the role of nurse Dixie McCall. I didn't realize that at the time. Young men, and even young boys had a crush on nurse Dixie McCall. I don't know why people starting calling age 40 and 50 "over the hill" because clearly even back in the 1970's it was possible to be 40 and 50 and fabulous. Today we know it's possible to look hot dancing on a stage in your 70's, thanks to Tina Turner. I'm grateful to the women who broke the stereotypes that reaching a certain age meant we suddenly had to "act old", "dress old", etc. Cheers to being whoever you want to be at any age!

Thank you to  for creating this sweet tribute to Julie London and sharing it with everyone on YouTube.  What a lovely smoky voice she had!