Baking in a 1940's Kitchen / Happy 70th Birthday, Martha Stewart!

Martha Stewart was born August 3, 1941. She grew up during a time when most women had dreams of being the perfect housewife, perfect mother, perfect cook, and perfectly tidy homemaker. Times have changed, but not completely. There is less emphasis on perfection for the home, but people still love a clean home to the point that they'll apologize if it isn't clean. Both genders cook now. Some people are passionate about it, some do it because they have to, and some don't bother cooking at all. All three are acceptable in society today. 

Martha Stewart has a way of making homemaking intriguing, even to those who have given up on it completely. She has taken the best aspects of the 1940's and 1950's and brought them into the 1990's and the new millennium. That includes everything from homemaking tips to 1940's and 50's inspired home decor. 

It would be fun to see what Martha Stewart was like as a little girl, but I don't know if a home movie of little Martha exists. I did find a 1940's film clip on YouTube of a mother and daughter baking in the kitchen that was filmed during the time that Martha was a little girl. In the film clip, the little girl eats the cookie dough, however, I don't imagine Martha doing that, even as a little girl. I imagine she would have stayed on task, creating the perfect cookie cutter cookies. Now she even SELLS cookie cutters. 

Wishing Martha Stewart a Happy 70th Birthday! 




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