All My Children - Royal Weddings

While many people are excited about the Royal Wedding in England next week, many people in America who loved the soap opera "All My Children" are sad that the 41 year old soap opera was recently cancelled.

"All My Children" had many of their own weddings over the years that felt very royal to the people of Pine Valley (the fictitious town where "All My Children" takes place). I found one of the royal "All My Children" weddings on YouTube. This was the wedding of Hayley and Mateo in 2000. Of course, now everybody knows actors Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from the TV show "Regis and Kelly". They are married in real life, so this soap opera wedding is extra special.

I want to wish an extra special birthday to my mom, who has been a fan of "All My Children" since the very beginning of the show. Remember how I used to imitate the opening of the show, mom? :-) Haha

Happy Birthday to my mom, who took such great care of her own children that she certainly deserved her "All My Children" breaks! I love you, mom! You're the best!



Thank you to  for posting this "All My Children" video on YouTube!