90 Years Ago: Carl Reiner. 25 Years Ago: Summer School

Happy 90th birthday to someone whose sense of humor is as young as ever - Carl Reiner! If you love comedy, you have likely loved at least something that Carl Reiner has been involved with in one way or another. He directed Oh God! (with George Burns as God). He directed several films in which Steve Martin starred: The Jerk, The Man with Two Brains, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, and All of Me. He directed a movie in which John Candy starred, called Summer Rental. I love all of the above, and he directed many more movies I have yet to see, but my favorite movie I've seen that Carl Reiner directed is Summer School. It's an excellent 80's summer comedy about a teacher who has to spend his summer teaching summer school to a bunch of slackers. He and his slacker students would much rather spend their summer elsewhere (as would anyone who is forced to go to summer school). It's not the most famous Carl Reiner film, but I was nearly a teenager at the time that it was released, and I loved the way that he captured the variety of students, and a teacher who would rather be at the beach. I watched it repeatedly on video in the 80's. 

Not only is Carl Reiner a great director, but he's a great screenwriter and actor too. I couldn't even begin to list off all of his achievements, but you can find a list of them on his Wikipedia page, which you can use to add films to your Netfix list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Reiner

His most recent acting roles are on Hot in Cleveland and Parks and Recreation.

You know what other star on Hot in Cleveland turned 90 this year? Betty White. 2012 is the year when 90 is officially young and hot! Carl Reiner and Betty White are both as funny as ever. Check out Carl Reiner's sense of humor on Craig Kilborn a few years ago, thanks to .


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