80 Years Ago: Christmas in the 1930's with Jackie Cooper

Wasn't Jackie Cooper adorable! And so talented too! He was a real natural! I grew up watching Jackie Cooper on Our Gang / The Little Rascals, but I happened to stumble upon this 1931 Christmas video of him on YouTube. If you love Jackie Cooper, Christmas scenes of the past, or if you love the 1930's, you'll enjoy this. 

These days when kids have a party, they usually have something like pizza on a paper plate. But, these 1930's kids have a real turkey dinner. In one scene a boy asks for another piece of turkey because he keeps getting the neck, so the man offers him a "rumble seat" instead. The rumble seat was an open aired seat in the back of a car, so I assume the man was offering him part of the turkey's rear end. :-)

Although this little video of Jackie Cooper's Christmas party gave me a smile, it also gave me a little sadness in my heart. It reminded me of one of my grandpas, who was close in age to Jackie, but just a bit older. I thought of how much my grandpa would have enjoyed a party like that when he was that age. He grew up very poor, although he did have one treasured toy. He had a wagon which he said he would ride on so often that he made his knees sore. In those days, you would ride on a wagon with one knee on the wagon, while you would make the wagon go forward with your other leg, which was on the ground. 

Jackie Cooper died earlier this year. I hope he and my Grandpa get to dine together at a big Christmas party in Heaven, and I hope they get whatever turkey pieces they want, and I hope they get to ride around on wagons as long as they want, without any pain. 

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people who are no longer here with us!



Thank you to   for posting Jackie Cooper's 1931 Christmas party on YouTube! This was filmed 80 years ago and the quality is incredible!