70 Years Ago: Women's Hairstyles of 1941 - Pin Curls Galore!

Seventy years ago in May of 1941, women were busy curling and curling and curling their hair. Of course, they were also busy rolling out dough in the kitchen, scrubbing their laundry, hanging it on the line, folding it, carrying shopping bags home, carrying babies, cleaning babies, sweeping floors, weeding the garden... the list goes on and on. When did they find time to create those perfect pin curls with their already overworked arms and hands? 

People complain about all that we have to do today, but we have to admit, women's hands and arms had to be much more exhausted in the days before microwaves, before dishwashers, before automatic washing machines and dryers, before disposable diapers, before all the quick and easy 2-step meals that we have available at the supermarket today, etc. 

Somehow, even without the modern conveniences of today, women in 1941 still managed to find time to give their hair the perfect curls. I have been so busy lately myself that I am grateful for the simple ponytail. But, I respect the women of the past who made time for those perfect pin curls. God bless them! 

Thank you to  for posting the video on YouTube of women's hair styles from May of 1941. I was amazed with the incredible sculptural hairdos! And I loved that art deco hair dryer!


Nice post

It is unbelievable that the women in may 1941 were also wish to wear like curly hairstyles.I was thinking that women should have so simple hairstyles at that time because there was not any special kind of hairstyles like in these days .
This post has really surprised me .Great post ever .