65 Years Ago: New Year's Eve in the 1940's

What were your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents doing sixty-five years ago on New Year's Eve 1946? If they are still alive, they probably won't remember what they were doing, since it's difficult to remember what any of us were doing on New Year's Eve on any particular year. However, this YouTube video gives us an idea of what people in New York looked like on New Year's Eve in 1946. They were certainly much more glamorous in their suits, dresses and hats. These days, what we usually see on New Year's Eve are people in Time's Square wearing giant glasses with numbers on them which represent the year ahead. I don't know how they'll create glasses for the year 2012 that people can see through, but they'll manage. The year 2000 worked out best for novelty glasses. 

Even though people won't remember what they were doing New Year's Eve 1946, we do know what went on that month, thanks to Wikipedia. Less than two weeks before the New Year's celebration, the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" was released in New York. Although it wasn't the big hit back then that it is today, it gives me a sense of the spirit of that year. 

Some great and fascinating people were born in that final month of 1946: Steven Spielberg, Patty Duke, Jane Birkin, Carl Wilson, Eugene Levy, Susan Lucci, John Spencer, Jimmy Buffet, Patti Smith, and Jose Carreras, to name some of them. Designer Gianni Versace was born at the beginning of the month and designer Diane von Furstenberg was born on New Year's Eve. 

Little did the people know who danced the night away on December 31st, 1946 how many babies had been born that month that would end up becoming celebrities years later. We can only wonder what the babies born this month in 2011 will grow up to be some day. 




Thank you to   for posting the lovely New Year's Eve 1946 video on YouTube. To see what else was going on in 1946, here's the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1946