60 Years Ago: Thanksgiving Etiquette in 1951

It's time to brush up on your Thanksgiving etiquette so you will be prepared next week to sit down with mother and father. Here are some of the tips you may or may not get from this helpful 1951 Thanksgiving etiquette video:

1.Be sure to offer mother help in the kitchen, and be sure to watch father carving the turkey. 

2. Chew with your lips closed. 

3. Do not push your plate away.

4. Wear your best Christmas sweater.

5. Do have fun, but do not speak with too much enthusiasm. Monotone and slow is good. 

6. Get a swinging door for the kitchen. They look fabulous and remind us of TV sitcoms.

7. Tear the dinner roll up into tiny little bits before eating it. A paper shredder will do just fine.

8. The Indians didn't use a fork, but for some reason, you should. 

9. A piano playing in the background mutes all voices.

10. Good manners make people glad.


You have less than a week to prepare your Thanksgiving meals and to prepare your manners. I would work on the manners first, since you can't buy those at the last minute. 





Thank you to  for posting this charming 50's Thanksgiving video on YouTube!