40 Years Ago: Who Won Grammy Record of the Year 1972? Roberta Flack

The Grammy Awards are coming up on Sunday. Yesterday, I suggested we all give a toast to Carole King as we watch the Grammy's to celebrate her 70th birthday. We have another woman to toast too! Let's all give a toast to Roberta Flack, who celebrates her 75th birthday today! 
Coincidentally, Roberta Flack and Carole King both have four Grammys. But, wait - there's another coinidence! "You've Got a Friend" (with Donny Hathaway) was the first song for which Roberta Flack received a Grammy nomination. That was forty years ago, in 1972. And who wrote "You've Got a Friend"? It was written by Carole King. Two great female musical artists celebrate their birthdays one day after the other, and they're both musically connected and Grammy connected. Love it!
Roberta Flack didn't win a Grammy for her 1972 nomination, but she did receive her first two Grammys the following year in 1973 for record of the year for "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and for best pop duo with Donny Hathaway for "Where is the Love". 
Forty years later, Roberta Flack just released a new single, "We Can Work It Out". She just released a Beatles cover album, called "Let It Be Roberta". Check out her website and listen to her new single: http://www.robertaflack.com
Go, Roberta Flack! Happy 75th birthday! Looking forward to hearing more of your beautiful voice on your new album! Thank you and Carole King for showing the world what women can do with music!