20 Years Ago: 1991 - Gianni Versace Kicked Off 90's Fashion to a Fabulous Start!

Today Gianni Versace would have been 65 years old. I first became aware of him as a teenager around 1990. I discovered that people who loved fashion put Versace on a pedestal. The Versace name was always spoken of with pride. I knew this designer had to be someone special before I even saw any of his designs simply because of the way people said his name. 

Gianni Versace became a designer in the 1970's. By the beginning of the 1990's, everyone seemed to know the Versace name. Sadly, his life was taken before the 90's were even over. He was shot and killed by a total stranger outside his home in Miami Beach in the summer of 1997. I remember the devastating news, and the shock throughout the nation that the life of a fashion designer, who still had decades of fashion ahead of him to design, was taken at the age of 50. 

Versace fashion still exists, and the name is still spoken with pride. We can only wonder what Gianni Versace himself would have designed over the last fifteen years. I'm sure he would be pleased to know that his name isn't forgotten, and that people still shop at Versace boutiques all over the world.

Wishing Gianni Versace a peaceful 65th birthday, and hoping for peace on Earth and an end to all gun violence.



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