1950's Halloween Costume Parade

This 50's home movie was uploaded to YouTube by homemoviedepot who stated that it is Donald E. Boyd's home movies. In the beginning of the video, you'll see kids parading their 50's Halloween costumes (based on the info at YouTube, I believe this is from 1956). I think these home movies were all filmed in Port Huron, Michigan. 

The parade of Halloween costumes is only at the beginning of the video, but if you choose to stick around through all the home movies, you'll see everything from a fire to a wrecked car to a Christmas display to a carnival and circus at the very end.

The Halloween parade reminded me of when I was five years old and my mom made me an adorable mouse costume. Because the kindergarten classes were the youngest kids in school, those of us in kindergarten got to parade in and out of all the classrooms at the school to show off our costumes. It was the ultimate show and tell. I felt very proud of the costume my mom made for me, and I knew by the reactions that it was a hit. I was the shortest at the time, and we were in line order by height, so I ended up at the back of the line. Unfortunately, when one of the classroom doors closed behind us, it closed on my tail, which pulled my tail off. I was so sad and disappointed, but I was still very proud of the mouse costume that was made for me by my mom. And who wouldn't love the little mouse at the back of the line who clutched her torn-off tail in her hand as she paraded around? 

The store-bought costumes and the crazy costumes kids made themselves over the years were all fun too, but the costumes made by mom or dad were the most special of all. Those were the ones that were made with love.