160 Years Ago: Celebrating Studebaker

Studebaker was best known for it's automobiles, but it began on this date 160 years ago in South Bend, Indiana as a blacksmith shop that made wagon parts. Eventually, Studebaker began making wagons and became well known for it's wagons. By the early 1900's, Studebaker began selling automobiles. According to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studebaker, Studebaker began by selling electric cars, and then started selling gasoline powered cars a few years later. If only Studebaker was still around today to sell electric cars, they would be a huge hit, since electric cars are more popular now than ever before. Unfortunately, the Studebaker manufacturing plant in South Bend, Indiana closed in 1963. The Studebaker plant in Canada closed a few years later. That was the end of Studebaker automobiles.

That's not the end of your chance to see Studebaker cars though. The Studebaker National Museum is located in South Bend, Indiana at 895 Thomas Street. You can find out more information about the museum at their website: http://studebakermuseum.org/

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