10 Year Old Japanese Girl Plays "Carry On Wayward Son" on Organ

I couldn't write the last couple days because I was in such a state of shock over what just happened in Japan. I'm sure you must be feeling the same. There are no words to describe the nightmare that has happened, and is is continuing to happen, in Japan. Christchurch, New Zealand still has a long road of recovery ahead of them after last month's earthquake. It's unbelievable that Japan was just shaken with an even stronger earthquake. My heart goes out to both countries. My thoughts and prayers are with Japan and New Zealand.

I couldn't find a video that really fit the sadness we all feel about what is happening in Japan right now. There is no song that suits a catastrophe this huge. There is no candle flame bright enough to flicker that will bring peace to this situation. 

I did come across a video that unexpectedly touched me deeply. One wouldn't imagine that a 70's rock song would be the right song for a time like this, but it really moved me. This is a ten year old Japanese girl playing "Carry on Wayward" son, the 1977 hit by Kansas. It's a great song to begin with - an absolute rock classic. It warmed my heart to see it being played all the way over in Japan by a ten year old girl. On the electric organ. With tremedous skill. Yet, played with such ease. A 10 year old Japanese girl rocked a 30+ year old American rock song on the electric organ. Beautiful!

This is what makes music beautiful. It moves from generation to generation. It moves across the ocean. It moves from many instruments to one. It moves us. It moves a little girl to want to be better every day, practicing until she creates something absolutely perfect. 

This video represents hope to me. 

May that spirit of hope be stronger than ever in Japan right now. Around the world, we need to give them as much hope as we can right now. It is hope that gives the rescuers the strength to keep going. It is hope that gives those that need to be rescued the strength to stay strong. 

Our thoughts, prayers, hope and love are with you, Japan.


Thank you to   for putting your heart and soul into music and for putting your videos on YouTube for all to enjoy. This video was recorded a few years ago. Click on her YouTube ID to see more of her talented performances.